Dr. Douglas Fife Presents Lecture to Skin Disease Education Foundation on Treatment of Acne Scars

Douglas Fife, M.D. was invited to present a lecture to Board Certified Dermatologists and Dermatology Residents at the Las Vegas Dermatology Seminar, sponsored by the Skin Disease Education Foundation. Along with reviewing the classification of acne scars, the lecture gave a practical step-by-step review of the most common techniques. Treatments were grouped into the following four categories: 1) Resurfacing procedures, 2) Lifting procedures, 3) Excisional techniques, 4) Other. The specific procedures reviewed by Dr. Fife included subcision, filler injections, skin needling, subtotal/staged excision, elliptical ecxcision, punch excision, punch elevation, chemical peels, CROSS technique, chemabrasion. A separate lecturer covered laser resurfacing, which Dr. Fife also performs routinely in the office. Dr. Fife stressed that Dermatologists who specialize in acne scar therapy should be familiar with all of the possible treatment options available to treat patients with acne scars. Acne scarring is a complex skin problem, which can be extremely distressing to individuals affected by it. It is also is sometimes difficult to treat–multiple procedures are usually required over a period of time, and the improvement is unpredictable. Results can be maximized when the most appropriate procedures are selected to treat a patient’s specific scars.

Posted on January 27, 2011 .