Surgical Dermatology & Laser Center Offers Total FX Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment for Acne Scar

Surgical Dermatology & Laser Center is now offering Total FX laser treatment of acne scars. The Total FX Laser by Lumenis is a fractional CO2 laser, which drills small holes into the skin in order to remove scar tissue, induce collagen remodeling, and smooth out the skin surface. The Total FX laser is a part of the comprehensive acne scar therapy offered by Douglas Fife, M.D., an acne scar treatment physician. To treat an acne scar optimally, a physician needs to have the tools, knowledge, and experience to perform multiple different types of procedures. Mild acne scarring can be improved by one or more fractional laser resurfacing procedures alone, but more significant scarring (where there are visible depressions or atrophy of deeper tissues under the scar) requires “lifting” or “preparatory” procedures such as subscision, punch elevation, or fillers prior to laser resurfacing. All of these procedures are offered by Dr. Fife at the Surgical Dermatology & Laser Center in Las Vegas, NV.

The Total FX acne scarring procedure includes two different laser treatments. The first is called “Deep Fx” in which hundreds of microscopic laser columns are pulsed on the skin to the depth of almost 1mm. This is followed immediately by another entire facial laser treatment called “Active Fx,” in which wider but shallower spots of laser columns are delivered onto the skin. The Active plus the Deep Fx equals “Total Fx.” It is a revolutionary procedure, which treats acne scarring with less downtime and side effects when compared to complete CO2 laser resurfacing. Because the laser treats only 25-50% of the skin surface, the untreated skin allows for faster healing with less risk of infection, prolonged pain, and scarring.

Posted on March 9, 2010 .