Before PicoSure Treatment

After PicoSure Treatment

Within the last few decades, the practice of getting a tattoo has become increasingly popular. In the past tattoos have been associated with convicts and gang members, now people get tattoos as more of an expression or statement rather than identifying with a specific gang or group. 

Made to Last

Tattoos are made to last forever. Over time, a tattoo may lighten in color or stretch, however, it will remain visible. Certain colors can last longer. 

Regretting the Decision

There are many different reasons why people regret getting the tattoo, perhaps the meaning of the tattoo has changed or they simply do not want the tattoo any longer. 

Tattoo Removal

At Surgical Dermatology & Laser Center we are making tattoo removal a better experience. We use laser technology which can help lighten and remove the ink of the tattoo. To remove the tattoo, it usually takes between five and fifteen laser treatments. We have the most advanced laser, the PicoSure laser. Here at Surgical Dermatology you are sure to have a positive more comfortable experience. 

Making a Decision

When you want to have your tattoo removed or have questions, call us at 702-255-6647. With our advanced technology we can remove any unwanted tattoos. Call us today at 702-255-6647 to ask any questions that you may have. 

Posted on September 25, 2015 .