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We offer multiple options for reducing the signs of aging on the face and making the skin look softer, brightly, younger, and more refreshed. The treatments can be no downtime procedures such as the PicoFacial or eMatrix to more fractional or fully ablative resurfacing with the CO2 laser.


Fractional CO2

Fractional laser therapy is a new breakthrough therapy for treating aging and scarred skin and is safe for use in all skin types. Cosmetic imperfections appear on our skin in the form of wrinkles, scars, brown spots, and diminished luminance. Fractional lasers employ a unique concept, fractional resurfacing, in which very small holes are placed in the skin with the laser. This is in contrast to the older technique of complete resurfacing, in which the entire skin surface is removed. With fractional resurfacing, only a small percentage of the skin (15-40%) is actually treated, making the procedure very safe and allowing for a rapid recovery. Fractional laser therapy is an effective, low-downtime option for men and women with scarring or textural irregularities who wish for smoother, more youthful skin but are reluctant to go through procedures which have more pain, more risk, and longer recovery periods.

A temporary whiting or graying of the lesion will occur immediately, followed by redness similar to a sunburn. Post-treatment redness may last for 2-7 days depending on the extent and severity of the pigments lesions. Make-up may be applied immediately following the procedure.

Before your treatment:

During your initial consultation, we will evaluate your skin to determine if this is the best treatment for you. The procedure will be explained in detail. Your medical history will be reviewed, including information about any allergies or medications you may be taking. You may be given a prescription for creams to use nightly for at least several weeks before the procedure as well as antibiotic and antiviral medications to be taken around the time of the procedure.

Treatment day:

Prior to treatment, you will be asked to remove any makeup you are wearing, and the area to be treated will be anesthetized with a topical numbing cream for around one hour, which makes the treatment much more comfortable. In some cases oral medications may be given for pai control or reduce anxiety. The laser treatment itself lasts around 20-45 minutes, depending on the size of the area treated. Healing ointment will be applied afterward, and you will be given detailed instructions on the after care. An escort should accompany you to the procedure to drive you home.

After your treatment:

Following your treatment you may experience swelling and redness for several days up to one week. Light peeling of the skin may occur. You should wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply a facial moisturizer as needed. Makeup can be worn almost immediately. Abrasive cleansers, toners, and any harsh prescription creams should be avoided until the skin is completely back to normal. One to four treatment sessions may be required to achieve the maximum benefit from fractional CO2 laser therapy. In most cases the treatments are done four to six weeks apart.