In October 2014, I had both Fractional CO2 on my face and the Q-Switch on both arms to reduce wrinkles, soften scars, and hopefully eliminate multiple dark skin spots as an office procedure. The staff was helpful, reassuring, and first class in my opinion. From the front desk to the procedure room staff were kind and comforting. Brittny Call PA, who performed the procedure, had me well prepared and there were no surprises or deviations from what had already been explained. It is now five months since the procedure. I could not be more pleased with the results. The age spots and discolorations have been eliminated and the wrinkles have been diminished and greatly reduced.

Brittney spent much pre-procedure time going over the healing process. Emphasis on the need for skin care products and protection from exposures was included. Wound care management was detailed and thorough. I had reviewed my skin care regimen and she offered some recommendations in addition which I’ve tried to follow.

To any who are considering this or similar procedures, I can boldly recommend the office of Dr. Douglas Fife and Brittny Call PA from my own positive experience.
— Kristine R.