Dr. Fife & his staff are OUTSTANDING !! I had a cancerous growth removed on my leg & could not be happier with the result and that we found Dr. Fife to begin with. Every one, without exception, is professional, caring, friendly & knowledgeable. If you are grading on a 5 Star basis, Dr. Fife & his staff are 6 Stars. If it’s a 10 Star basis. it’s an 11 !!!
— William S.
I had mohs surgery yesterday done by Dr. Machan. The whole staff was wonderful and very professional during the whole process both before, during, and after the surgery.

What really impressed me the most was the call later that afternoon from Dr. Machan. He wanted to know how I was doing and gave me his cell phone number in case I had questions over the weekend.

I would not hesitate recommending your facility to anyone who is seeking a excellent dermatology medical facility.
— Jeffrey L.
Only 5 words you need to know... Dr Fife is the best!! As soon as you enter the front door of his office, you know you are in good hands and you have chosen the right place. The office staff are friendly, professional and caring. Dr Fife and his P.A., nurses and medical assistants explain everything in a way that you know exactly what to expect. Dr Fife has a gentle touch and so do his nurses.. If you need Mohs surgery or any other skin surgery, this is the best place to be treated in Las Vegas.
— Michael S.
I recently had the good fortune to be one of your patients. The following is my assessment of services rendered, to me, by your center:

A great facility, staffed by the absolute friendliest group of people that I ever was helped by. the service was efficient with timely updates. I was left with the impression that the staff really knew their business and that they genuinely cared about me. Music and TV availability were nice touches also. It was a very pleasant experience considering the serious nature of services provided. I was duly impressed and would recommend your surgery center without reservation.
— Rick R.
I was recommended to the Surgical Dermatology & Laser Center by my dermatologist to remove two basal cell lesions - one on my lower eyelid and the other on my eyebrow. Because of the length of the Mohs surgical procedure each had to be scheduled on a different day. I live in a rural area in California and it’s over a 5-hour drive to get there so the scheduler made it the most convenient possible for me. From start to finish, it was an excellent experience. The facility is very nice and comfortable. I was seen promptly, and the entire staff from the front desk to clinical were all friendly, professional, and informative. Dr. Machan was excellent from first greeting to final suture. He explained the entire procedure clearly, answered all of my questions, and made it as comfortable as possible. I left having the utmost confidence in his surgical skills and highest regard for his patient skills. I received a follow-up call from Dr. Machan at the end of the day to see how I was doing and if I had any questions. The healing process is going well and I don’t anticipate any problems or issues. For anyone requiring Mohs surgery, I strongly recommend Dr. Machan. If I should require this procedure again in the future, I will most definitely have Dr. Machan perform the surgery.
— Jackie C.
I went to see Dr. Machan to have some ‘questionable’ spots looked at on my body. I was very impressed by the office. It is very nice, clean, and has a calming feel to it. I really liked all of the staff; everyone was friendly, caring, and informative. All my questions were answered thoroughly. I felt like I was in good hands with Dr. Machan. He is very knowledgeable and truly cares about his patients. He performed Mohs surgery to remove my basal cells. I had basal cell on my upper chest & on my face near my eye. For both Mohs surgeries I was very comfortable. Dr. Machan & his staff took the time to explain exactly what he was going to do, what to expect, and to answer my questions. I’ve been very pleased with how I’ve healed up since the surgery...I have to point it out because people don’t notice where I had the basal cell removed. I would strongly recommend Dr. Machan to anyone. I have no issues or complaints about my experience. I will continue to be seen by Dr. Machan on a regular basis to monitor my skin if any other problem areas appear.
— Janeen D.
Once I entered the door, the staff was so happy and friendly. The waiting area is wonderful, offering you water, juice and snacks. I had surgery there twice. I was lucky to have such a wonderful doctor, Dr. Mac Machan along with his nurses. I can’t say enough of how compassionate and caring they are. They are all wonderful. When was the last time a doctor called you after surgery to check up on you? Well, this doctor does, and also gives you his cell number should you have any problems. WOW. Amazing. I would so highly recommend this place. See how a doctor and his staff care about you. You will be amazed. Thank you Dr. Mac and staff. You are the best ever.
— Tina Q.
I am a 66-year-old man who has had the misfortune of having to see more doctors in my life than any three people have. I was seen by Dr. Mac Machan for a Mohs procedure and was I ever surprised. The staff was great. They were friendly, professional and considerate of my situation. Dr. Machan was the best. He treated me like I was his family and after I went home he called me that evening to see how I was doing. That is not done today by any doctor. If you have a need for the services of Surgical Dermatology & Laser Center offers, the I advise you to look no further, they and Dr. Machan are the best.
— Homer W.
I would give Dr.Fife an ‘A’ for the quality of care. He used the Mohs Micrographic surgery which is the best treatment to rid one of cancer. The large hole the side of my nose was not a pretty sight. . . until a skin graft was sewn on. Now my nose looks normal.

When Dr. Fife performs the Mohs surgery, one can be assured that all of the cancer cells are removed. My advice: get the surgery as soon as possible! I was treated with utmost professional care. No one enjoys having surgery but my fears were diminished with the care given by Dr. Fife and team. They were great!
— Glenice L.
I was very anxious before the surgery not knowing how much needed to be taken from my nose and how disfigured I would be.

The quality of care by Dr. Fife and nurses were excellent. They were very supportive and very informative throughout the whole ordeal. . . . Pain from the surgery was nonexistent.

Dr. Fife did an excellent job with how my surgical scar is clean and minimal. . . . Everyone treated me very well in every aspect.
— Anonymous Patient
I was not aware of any difficulties about my skin cancer before I met Dr. Fife and his very wonderful staff.

Dr. Fife in my opinion in an excellent physician and surgeon. His staff as well as Dr. Fife is a great example of devoted professionals who do their work with great skill and personal devotion. I am 87 years old and have numerous operations all done by very nice and caring individuals. Dr Fife and his staff have very high standards and I rate them as good as can get.

I don’t recall any pain but they made me feel I was surrounded by as fine group of specialist that did an outstanding job from beginning to end.

I am very grateful and feel fortunate of their excellent surgical work as well as the warmth of their services.

Can’t think of a more serviceable group to help me. I rate them 100% and know I got a quality job and will always be grateful for their professional attitude. . . .
— Julius G.
Dear Dr. Fife,

I’m happy to report back to you because of the wonderful recovery I have made from your recent surgery. When I think of how the whole left side of my nose was laid open I can’t really believe how it has healed so completely and virtually scar free.

Since I had surgery on my face before, I was prepared for what you did, but not prepared for the lack of discomfort during and after surgery. The only discomfort I had in all was that minor stuff associated with application of pain killer. You can quote me in any conversation you have with future patients. Your Mohs technique is really the only way to go in attacking facial lesions because it gets the whole cancer while leaving little evidence of the procedure.

Rest assured, should I experience any future problems you will be the surgeon I will seek out. Thanks again for your efforts.
— Theo H.
One of the nurses explained the procedure and the office sent an article to me about the Mohs surgery.

The care I received was great. Dr. Fife also explained the steps and made me feel comfortable throughout the surgery.

I had 9 stitches and it healed very nice. I thought everyone treated me very well.
— Mary W.
The doctor and the staff are wonderful. . . I would not be afraid to have Dr. Fife perform surgery on me again, if need be.
— Beatrice D.
I was referred to Dr. Fife for a Mohs procedure for a growth on the back of my right ear. Dr. Fife performed the procedure. I had no pain during or after the procedure. I revisited the Doctor two weeks later for removal of stitches that may have not dissolved. The final check up was about a month later and everything went well. There was virtually no scar at all. If I ever needed such a procedure again I would definitely want Dr. Fife to do the surgery. He is caring and has a marvelous manner and is outstanding in his profession.
— Henry M.
Dr Fife is a blessing! I can’t thank him enough for taking care of stage 2 basal cell carcinoma on left cheek. It was a year ago I first had the Mohs surgery. He was caring, and competent. He assured me it takes a year for a scar to heal and there was a scar revision done after 6 months. I just want him to know everytime I look in the mirror I see the great job he did and thank him. You are the best!
— Kimberly M.
Dear Brittny—I wanted to express my gratitude and sheer joy at the results of your handiwork. I could not be happier with how my nose healed. To refresh your memory, it was 4 rounds of Mohs with a large wound to close. Dr. Fife opted for a cheek flap advancement. You spent 90 minutes sewing on me, and sewing, and sewing. There was a fair amount of swelling but the stitches all held. Thank you for being so skilled and for having the patience to do your best work. Please enjoy dinner on me and if you would like a testimonial or pics emailed to you for your records let me know.
— Chris B.