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In other cases, the cosmetic outcome will be better if the mole is cut out completely and then closed carefully with sutures. The doctors at Surgical Dermatology & Laser Center are experienced in determining the right method to remove each particular mole, while preserving the surrounding skin. If the mole has symptoms, is changing, or looks to be of concern for skin cancer, the procedure can be covered by insurance. If it is being removed for cosmetic reasons only, fees must be paid at the time of the visit by each patient.

Benign growths such as cysts and lipomas can arise anywhere on the body. They can be removed surgically to remove their symptoms or for cosmetic reasons. With thousands of cases of experience, our surgeons remove these growths in a way that leaves the smallest scars possible.

Unsightly moles on the face can be removed by the expert skill of our providers. In some cases moles are simply shaved off at skin level.