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After a skin cancer or other growth is removed, expert care must be taken to plan the reconstruction that will provide the best cosmetic and functional result. Our providers have performed thousands of reconstructions and will discuss all the options for repairing your wound. Usually the wound repair is performed the same day, but it may occasionally be postponed to a later date to provide a more optimal result.

Options for wound repair include:

  • Simple side-to-side repair – Also called primary closure or linear repair
  • Skin flap – A flap of skin is released from the side of the wound and is brought in and carefully sewn to cover the wound
  • Skin graft – Skin is harvested from another site on the body and placed to cover the wound

Occasionally, allowing the wound to heal on its own provides the best appearance. The doctors at Surgical Dermatology & Laser Center are skilled at looking at the size, shape, severity and location of the wound to assess the best method for wound closure. To view examples of our Surgical Reconstruction work, please visit the Photo Gallery.